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Site Redesign
Shopify 2.0 Retheme
Brand Narrative
Site Optimization
B2B Setup

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Shopping for performance apparel can be overwhelming and confusing, and without the right customer guidance and education along the path to purchase, customers can be lost forever. In partnering with TRUEWERK, we made sure to simplify the brand + product narrative, elegantly highlighting product features and use cases throughout the customer journey. The resulting metrics show that our process just plain werked.

What we did

Shopify Plus Redesign + Development

Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content + Ops Planning

Responsive Modular Design System

3rd Party Platform Integrations + Configurations

CX Testing + Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Consulting


Shopify Plus

Shopify B2B








Truewerk online store and mobile app

The power of TRUEWERK is in the craft of the clothing, and the new site needed to reflect that.

We got to work unpacking the why behind the product line's popularity with current customers. It became clear that the apparel truly lives up to its name, emphasizing the need to showcase its versatility and durability in the redesigned site experience. Our goal was to ensure that new customers could easily understand the quality of the products and identify which ones best suited their needs.
Truewerk gear advertising image
Truewerk gear advertising image

Key Features

Optimized paths to purchase

Given the technical nature of the product line, it was crucial to present each product's features in a clear and accessible manner. This approach ensured that customers could easily explore, filter, and refine their selections to meet their specific needs. We meticulously optimized the path to purchase, strategically highlighting key product features at critical moments. Through rigorous testing and continuous optimization, we fine-tuned the path to purchase to get it right.
Truewerk gear image information on site

Customer friendly brand narrative

The original TRUEWERK brand narrative had gone too technical and was causing confusion. We partnered with the TRUEWERK team to simplify that narrative, ensuring clarity for customers seeking the right product for their needs. Our approach embraced TRUEWERK's authentic roots and celebrated individuals from every trade, delivering consistent messaging across all platforms.
Truewerk app and store

“Shop by” category system

Enabling customers to shop by their particular need, i.e. Trade, Weather or System empowered them to find the perfect product(s). This streamlined categorization significantly increased PDP views and conversions.
Truewerk mobile app
Truewerk gear advertising image

Layering system walk throughs

TRUEWERK products are designed as a powerful system, with each part serving a specific function that enhances overall performance. To educate customers on this concept, we created tailored content modules. Our layering system walkthroughs simplify understanding and allow customers to easily add individual products or complete systems to their cart.
Truewerk store product information

Product comparison on PDP

Due to the highly technical nature of each garment, we included a comparison chart on the PDP to help customers ensure they were choosing the right product. This addition not only facilitated quicker decision-making but also accelerated the education and purchase process.
Truewerk store compare section

Shopify B2B with unique customizations

We built a B2B solution leveraging the power of Shopify's B2B channel to serve as a pivotal growth channel for the business. Built specifically for TRUEWERK, the B2B experience allows for bulk orders with custom and personalized branding / embroidery.
Truewerk project advertising image
Truewerk app

Kelsey Kennedy


“The work speaks for itself.  The team did whatever it took to get it done, and it shows.”

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