Chrome Industries

Delivering a richer story for the industry leader in messenger bags.

SFCC to Shopify Plus Migration
Shopify 2.0 Retheme
Site Redesign

As the world’s leading messenger bag company, the original SFCC site was not delivering the Chrome story effectively to customers, and was lagging far behind competitors due to the dated SFCC infrastructure.  Chrome turned to Verbal+Visual to migrate their site to Shopify Plus and redesign the site experience with storytelling video and photo assets at the heart of their newly minted site.  The end result is a beautiful and highly targeted brand experience for the multitude of use cases for their bags.

What we did

Shopify Plus Redesign + Development

Strategic E-Commerce Roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content + Ops Planning

Customer Surveys + User Testing

Responsive Modular Design System

3rd Party Platform Integrations + Configurations


Shopify Plus










Developing a deep understanding of the origins of Chrome was paramount to share their story

Going beyond the core technology transition from SFCC to Shopify Plus, Verbal+Visual had to look to the brand origins and story to ensure the redesign portion of the engagement exposed the intense care put into each and every product.  Chrome bags are known to be the toughest and go-to bag of choice for city use, and we needed to show that spirit effectively.

Key Features

In-depth product education modules

To help showcase the bags effectively, we utilized various modules throughout product grids and detail pages that highlighted key design and technical features of the products.  By giving customers curated comparison charts, we also leaned into giving the power of choice to customers to find exactly the right bag for exactly the right moment.

Pro program & warranty program

By leaning into various customer types and giving all customers the confidence in their purchase through a robust warranty program,  we boosted conversions and customer satisfaction.

Video education on PDP

By highlighting educational videos on product detail pages, customers are able to more deeply understand bag use cases, and how to best utilize the respective product.  This supporting and interactive content greatly contributes to customer confidence and leads to increased conversion and reduced return rates.

Sean Colin

Head of DTC

“V+V was the perfect guide to help migrate Chrome’s ecommerce site from SFCC to Shopify Plus.  From discovery to launch, the process with V+V was clear, thorough, a lot of fun, and we were very pleased with what we launched for Chrome on Shopify Plus!”

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