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BigCommerce to Shopify Plus Migration
Complex Variants
Site Optimization

Our impact in numbers


Increase in Revenue


Increase in CVR

Preparing for a wedding you play a significant role in can be challenging and time-intensive.  Revelry aimed to simplify the bridesmaid experience digitally, but they needed help. We partnered with Revelry to migrate their site from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus while redesigning the site experience, greatly reducing customer friction in both the dress selection and ordering processes.  The results were found in increased customer satisfaction, increased conversion, and a strong operational infrastructure for the brand to scale.

What we did

Shopify Plus Redesign + Development

Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content + Ops Planning

Responsive Modular Design System

3rd Party Platform Integrations + Configurations

CX Testing + Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Consulting


Shopify Plus










Designing an elegant solution for a complex purchasing process

Buying bridesmaid dresses can be extremely difficult, as there are so many considerations around fit, style, size, color, fabric, and desired purchasing option (i.e. Made to Order vs Ready Made).  We focused our energy on continuously simplifying the selection process, despite continuously growing complexities, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Complex PDP's, simplified

We designed the product detail page to feature striking photography predominantly, with a single dynamic and meticulously crafted action pane.  In this action pain, we tested and optimized a sequenced selection process that breaks down the selection and purchasing process simply and organically for customers.  In addition, we successfully mixed both order types together: made to order + ready to ship.

Supporting UGC content

A wedding is the realization of a bride's vision. Seeing dresses 'in the wild' helps her and her bridesmaids feel confident and excited about their choices. We intertwined testimonials and social modules to help customers envision how the dresses would come together to bring their ultimate vision to life.

Interactive content: Video + Fit Guides

Interactive content provides customers with precise product information, reducing customer service inquiries and enhancing satisfaction. This clarity and confidence  is particularly vital for non-returnable items like made-to-order dresses, especially when they're for a significant event in a friend or family member's life.

Thorough customer education

Conversion hinges on the details. We've strategically emphasized these nuances through precise copy, compelling assets, informative tooltips, and detailed content like delivery times for different dress options, ensuring every purchase decision is well-informed and compelling.

Alena Wells

Senior Director of Marketing

“The team at Verbal+Visual helped transform our web presence and is continuously innovating to drive our brand forward.”

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