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Site Redesign
Shopify 2.0 Retheme

As the largest manufacturer of truck bed storage units, DECKED is uniquely positioned in a market with few competitors.  Despite the green field industry, however, the site experience didn’t reflect the true and awesome power of these units.  Enter Verbal+Visual.  We partnered with the talented DECKED team to translate new branding into a brilliantly structured and highly educational ecommerce experience, ensuring that customers knew the true power of the DECKED storage units. Let’s ride.

Our impact in numbers


Increase in CVR


Increase in AOV

What we did

Shopify Plus Redesign + Development

Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content + Ops Planning

UX/UI, Dev, Content + Ops Planning

Responsive Modular Design System

3rd Party Platform Integrations + Configurations

CX Testing + Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Consulting


Shopify Plus

Shopify B2B






A redesign for DECKED needed to feel tough as nails and connect with customers verbally

With a new set of brand standards to work from that felt more in line with the brand spirit, we partnered with the DECKED team to create a structured and education focused path to purchase.  The end results broke down a highly complex product into smaller educational moments that allowed customers to intake, understand, and move on systematically throughout their on site flow.

Key Features

An omni-channel digital strategy

We crafted a north star for the brand across all touch points, to help ensure that the consumer research, brand ethos, and site strategy were all aligned and unified from the outset of the engagement.  This digital strategy transcends all online customer touchpoints, including the site and the social media platforms.

Brand narrative strategy

By being direct about application with a bit of tongue and cheek wordplay, the DECKED brand narrative was evolved to resonate with the customer base and highlighting product outcomes along the way.

Dalamon Rego

SCP of Ecommerce

“The V+V team hit it out of the park with the design of the new site. The look and feel are drastically better than before”

Translation of the brand sharpening onto the site

We utilized the new logo and guidelines as a starting point, pushing the brand expression further through iconography, art direction, and customer education on site.  The result looks and feels DECKED at every turn.

Seamless vehicle database integration

The right drawer system needs to go with the right truck bed.  Along those lines, the vehicle database integration was crucial to ensure compatibility between the purchased item and the respective truck.

In-depth product education

With such deep complexities and nuances with each product, an in-depth and easy to follow set of educational content was crucial to ensure customer comprehension.  We utilized various content types such as hot spots and video in order to communicate the various feature aspects appropriately.
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