Patrick Ta

Enhancing the brand presence for a viral influencer line.

Brand Narrative
Site Redesign
Shopify 2.0 Retheme
Site Optimization

Our impact in numbers


Increase in AOV


Increase in revenue


Weeks to ROI

With such a massive following and strong personality, we envisioned a new digital experience for Patrick Ta that was centered around Patrick himself.  We used this opportunity to share Patrick’s story both verbally and visually, creating connection to customers to learn, explore, and  purchase, facilitating growth through education.

What we did

Brand strategy sharpening

Shopify Plus redesign

Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content, + Ops Planning

Responsive modular design system

3rd party platform integrations + configurations

CX Testing + Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Consulting


Shopify Plus



Octane AI





Strategic integrations, boosted functionality, and brand narrative.

  1. 1    Tell Patrick’s story through immersive verbal and visual content to connect with and educate customers, akin to a social platform

  2. 2   Ease the path to purchase, making it easy for customers to quickly find or search for products based on their desired outcomes

  3. 3   Improve conversion through strategic evaluation of CRO and e-commerce UX best practices

Key Features

A hub for beauty enthusiasts

We designed an immersive hub for beauty lovers, ensuring easy exploration via tutorials, product collections, and behind-the-scenes content.  By highlighting immersive, educational video frequently, customer engagement and time on site skyrocketed, resulting in a more engaged and higher converting customer base.

An intuitive mobile-first platform

We built a fluid mobile experience, essential for retaining and broadening the engaged audience, with a bevy of entry points to shop and educate customers.  The mobile experience is fast, intuitive, and in line with the gen-z target audiences’ typical browsing behaviors.

Developing a Patrick-centric narrative

Delving deep into the brand's essence, we crafted a precise narrative through directional UX copy, ensuring users were guided seamlessly through their journey, encapsulating Patrick Ta's unique aesthetic and vision. . By highlighting Patrick’s personality and education over path to purchase efficiency, customers feel more connected, stay on site longer, and checkout at a higher rate.

David Retter

COO, Stride Consumer Partners

“The new site design transformed the business by connecting with customers and bringing Patrick to the foreground. We love working with V+V!”

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