Andie Swim

Focusing on fit to stand out in a saturated swimsuit market.

Site Redesign
Shopify 2.0 Retheme
Brand Narrative
Site Optimization
POS Setup

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Increase in revenue


Conversion Rate Optimization


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Our partnership with Andie Swim started with an ambitious goal — create an online shopping experience that elevates fit, inclusivity, and comfort. We used these pillars to help elevate their brand experience, build a robust loyalty program, and infuse community throughout the buyer’s journey.

What we did

Brand strategy sharpening

Shopify Plus redesign

Ongoing site optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Strategic roadmapping

UX/UI, Dev, Content, + Ops Planning

Responsive modular design system

3rd party platform integrations + configurations

CX Testing + Optimization

Strategic E-Commerce Consulting


Shopify Plus






Loyalty Lion


Coming out of a robust discovery phase we were able to develop a strategy that ensured quality and speed in equal measure – while having the flexibility to adapt our approach based on new data and insights.

  1. 1    Rebuild the platform to transition the site experience to simple, delightful and supportive.
  2. 2  Create a more brand-focused shopping experience by strategically reinforcing what makes Andie special across purchasing journeys.
  3. 3    Improve conversion through strategic evaluation of CRO and e-commerce UX best practices, as it relates to the specific context of the Andie products and brand.

Key Features

Need-based purchasing paths

Our shopping pathways are designed to quickly answer a customer’s needs. Whether a user is searching for wedding swimwear or something with extra support and coverage, they'll find a shortcut from the homepage to the product grid and the product detail page. We’ve set up Searchspring filters to act as a navigation mechanism on the homepage creating an engaging way for a customer to shop by occasion.

Multitasker Cart

We implemented a robust shopping cart functionality that goes beyond the basics. Leveraging user history and views, we incorporated upselling techniques, introduced convenient features such as at-home try-on, gift wrapping options, and personalized message options.

We accommodated for all of these variables within the sticky 800 pixel action pane. Not only does the action pane streamline product selections and modifications, but it also features educational content so a user can understand what each of these variables means for the fit of their chosen swimsuit.

Color Swatch Tab Solution

Like many apparel brands, one of the challenges facing Andie Swim was making color, size, fabric, and care variants easy to toggle between without increasing load times or back end updates on the PDP. Leveraging Shopify’s new Metaobject, we streamlined variables, improved admin experience, and increased site performance. As a result, this rebuild caused a marked increase to the PDP number of add-to-cart events and spiked conversion rate.

Reducing returns with in-cart fit guidance

We solved a common DTC retail issue and brought more functionality to a traditionally passive space by adding a fit consultation tooltip to the cart. Triggered by duplicate cart items in different sizes, the Fit Consultation CTA helped minimize the customer’s upfront investment, reduced try-on returns, and allowed Andie to strengthen their commitment to lowering the brand’s carbon footprint.

Charlotte Paffe

Senior Director of Digital Product

“The work was incredible! The team was very impressed and felt inspired.”

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