How to ensure your collaboration with an agency is a success.

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What is discovery?
At Verbal+Visual, it’s our ideal moment to set up a project for success. Let’s dig in.

The discovery process builds a strategic framework where we hash out conflicting priorities, agree on an overall strategy, and highlight what separates our clients from their competitors. This establishes a collaborative partnership and gives both the client and the V+V team a North Star.

But why do we do it?

We do it to keep everyone accountable and on the same track. We’re also able to build a solid strategy through our research phase. It’s important to take a step back and define the current state of the company versus where they want to be in the future. For example, let’s say they want to increase their conversion rate by 10% or lower drop off at checkout. That’s where we come in—by leveraging the right tools and being purposeful with strategy, we’re able to help the client achieve their long-term goals.

What are we solving for?

During our process, we help our clients establish internal stakeholder alignment, deliver faster turnaround times, give them a clearer differentiation in the market, and build a sharpened, data-driven audience definition. We accomplish this by using a mix of art and science — or what we like to think of as emotional and functional. This helps us translate the client’s goals into actionable, functional steps we can take within Shopify to meet those goals.

It also helps us determine what’s in scope in regards to functionality must-haves. For example, we collaboratively pick the right Shopify theme for the client, and build out priorities for the working team—so that they are able to get as close as possible to their ideal goals by launch. That said, we don’t stop at launch. We use our deep Shopify expertise so we can continually prioritize features and functionality to match our client’s evolving needs.

Without this process, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and overall strategy. We always ask what success looks like to them at the start of a project—and by doing the work to find the right puzzle pieces, we’re able to deliver their definition of success.

What are the results?

By going through the discovery process and building out a solid strategy, we help our partners accomplish their short-term and long-term goals. Our case studies show us that our clients experience a surge in conversion rates, increase in sales, brand awareness, improvements in product education and dynamic content, and more. And these results will endure long past launch. They’re set up for long-term success by finding a sustainable and scalable path forward.

Curious if our approach will work for you?

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